Does anyone believe in the raw diet for dogs? Just think back hundreds of years ago what do you think dogs ate? I have been studying allergies in dogs and why did this happen to dogs? Was it the water? Was it the food? It most definitely is the food! People think raw diets are not good for dogs but what do you think they ate when they were wild? Dead carcasses and things like that. Dogs did not start having allergies till we introduced the dry dog food! Who knows really what they put in it at the factory. Just think about it and you will to realize that dog food is what people came up with to feed dogs because it is convenient to us. Once I totally stopped feeding my dog dog food and started realizing that it is not healthy for him. He eats deer, lamb, fish, hamburger meat, pork turkey and raw small bones preferably chicken bones and make sure they are not cooked at all! The dogs diet should consist of muscle meat, often still on the bone, bones either whole or ground, organ meat such as kidney or liver, raw eggs,apples occasionally without seeds! Seeds are very toxic to dogs. I have a few links that can help you: